Twenty years ago today, DJ Screw released "June 27th," widely touted as one of the best Houston hip-hop tracks of all time. Amazingly, the track is over 35 minutes in runtime, comprised of the back and forth freestyles of several members of the Screwed Up Click as well the continuous chopping and screwing of the master himself, who's influence is still deeply embedded in the Houston sound, over 15 years after his death. A handful of members of the Screw's storied collective are still going strong today, including Trae tha Truth, who dropped off his Tha Truth, Pt. 2 album, with features from T.I., Rick Ross, and Young Thug, earlier this year. In honor of DJ Screw, Trae has just dropped a new mixtape consisting only of freestyles, delivered in a nonstop cook-up sesh in the classic Screw tradition. The tape is titled Another 48 Hours, presumably the amount of time it took Trae to record all 11 freestyles. 

The new tape is a sequel to Trae's 2011 tape 48 Hours, a beloved gem in his extensive catalog. Another 48 Hours includes features from Big Hawk, Baby Houston, Jay'ton, Lil Boss, T.I. -- Trae's boss at Grand Hustle, and last but not least, Screw himself, who's credited on the tape standout "Break the Equator." May his sound live on forever. 

Stream Another 48 Hours below via Apple Music or Spotify.