Swedish internet rapper and lead Sadboy has released his second full-length album, Warlords. We first premiered “Af1s” at the beginning of the month, and if y’all were feeling that track we definitely recommend giving the whole project a listen.

Sonically, the album continues Yung Lean’s tradition of spaced out, trap-influenced beats. Synths and unique, video game-esque sound effects permeate the project, and Leandoer shows a good amount of growth in his ability to ride a beat and pen hooks.

The 13-track album features only a few features, most notably Lil Flash from Chicago. Similarly, the majority of the production is handled by fellow Sadboys Yung Sherman and Yung Gud, contributing to the Swedish artist’s consistent sound. Frequent Kanye West collaborator Mike Dean did produce a couple of tracks (“Highway Patrol” and “More Stacks”), although in my opinion “Hoover” is the standout track of Warlords.

Stream the whole thing on Spotify and shout out your favorites in the comments.