The King of Diamonds strip club in Miami has, according to the Miami Herald, been shut down for good. The owner of the building, Kodrenyc, LLC, has been under pressure since 2017, when they were sued for foreclosure, to keep up with mortgage payments on the place. The owners delayed too long and eventually "King of Diamonds was ordered to pay the court-appointed bankruptcy receiver Kenneth A. Welt a lump sum of $305,000, plus additional payments of $85,000 the first of every month thereafter." The club didn't pay again and were ordered evicted on November 1st. 

The lawyer Glenn Moses was there to serve the order and change the locks and said that “much of the inside was already empty. The sound systems were gone; the liquor cabinet had been cleaned out. The lights are on outside, but there’s nothing really happening inside.” In contradiction to this claim, the club's Instagram has still been active posting promotions for specific events like KOD Mondays (King Of Diamonds, not J. Cole's album), with their latest post coming just an hour ago:

This club, along with being huge (it's a five acre warehouse), is the place where Blac Chyna got her start. Watch a video of her dancing to a live performance of Alyric's "Bounce Dhatt Ass:"