For the last couple of weeks, Suge Knight's son has been taking advantage of his father's notoriety to try and gain clout, teasing an Eminem diss track and then taking back his previous claims, noting that it's far too "disrespectful" to drop. In other words, it probably doesn't exist. Unlike her brother, Arion Knight has been keeping quiet after her father's involvement in the Nick Cannon-Eminem beef. Suge Knight appears for an intro and outro on "The Invitation," calling in from prison and helping out his buddy as he attempted to take down the Detroit legend. Instead of commenting on the feud, Arion simply went to visit her dad behind bars, sharing a photo of them and offering up the first photo of Suge in a while.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department via Getty Images

Arion Knight is surely keeping track of the nonsense going on with her brother, her father, and the current rap beef that everyone is talking about. However, she plans to channel her energy into positivity, going to see her pops in prison and showing us all what he's looking like these days. Draped in his blue jumpsuit and a pair of dark sunglasses, Suge looked straight into the camera as Arion stood beside him, embracing her father and smiling for the shot.

This is the first picture we've seen in a while of Suge. How's he looking?