After three years, Suge Knight's sentencing in the killing of Terry Carter was revealed yesterday. The former Death Row CEO pled no contest to voluntary manslaughter and received 28 years in prison, although he will get time credit for time served already. Now, Suge Knight's son is speaking about his concerns over his father's health behind bars.

Suge Jacob Knight isn't ready to give up on his father after Suge Knight was sentenced to 28 years behind bars. He spoke to TMZ earlier about his concern over his father's health while behind bars. Suge Sr.'s had a few health scares since he's was arrested in 2015.

"It's still a way that we can possibly beat this," Suge Jacob Knight said. "With all those health issues, I'm very worried about my father, I'mma be honest. He's a strong dude, but he's human, man. Like, you know, the more he's in there, it's stress that's what's causing his health to be fucked up."

Aside from the health concerns, Suge Jacob Knight feels his father will be fine otherwise. However, he did say that he feels the system treated his father unfairly with the sentence.

"He always gonna be good. He always gonna be a man... That's a great man," he said. "It's nothing wrong with him being a great man but it's time for -- it's time to give him a break. It's a chance because it's unfair, it's really unfair."

Peep the full clip below.