Summer Bunni, who was revealed a couple of months ago as Offset's alleged mistress, is now lashing out at Rob Kardashian for allegedly leaking their text messages to the media. In a three and a half minute video obtained by The Blast, Summer Bunni is seen throwing a ton of obscenities in Rob's direction. It seems as though a lot of this stems from Rob being upset that Summer Bunni put him in the friendzone and that she thought he was a real friend and not someone who just wanted to sleep with her.

"You mad because I'm not giving you no p***y? And then you try to butter me up like you f**king care? You just wanted to f**k, you wanted to f**k and you didn't get that sh*t and I didn't give it to you, and now you want to put shit out because you're getting your comeback of 2019?," she says. “The fact that you were supposed to be my friend, and somebody that was giving me advice,” she said. “And then you wanna go and put a story out to put me back through the same s–t that I was explaining to you about? You show fake love!”

Rob has yet to comment on the situation but stay tuned for updates on this story.