A few months back, we started our R&B-centric Spotify playlist, "R&B Season". HNHH curates a bunch of playlists on various streaming platforms, but they are predominantly focused on hip hop. While it may appear that our expertise lies in hip hop, we are great admirers of R&B. As the border between these two genres becomes increasingly porous, it's hard to be a fan of one without being a fan of the other. However, the distinction remains important when deciding what vibe you're going for when you turn to your preferred medium of music consumption. R&B tends to be catered for your more mellow moments and there should be a place for you to comfortably retreat into to enjoy those sounds. That's why we've been putting love and care into building up our "R&B Season" playlist. 

Our job was made easy this week because a lot of stellar R&B artists came through with new tunes for us to add onto our playlist. Brent Faiyaz returned with F**k The World, his first LP since 2017's Sonder Son. His velvety vocals match the vibe of our "R&B SEASON" so well that we couldn't help but selecting two cuts from his new record: "Bluffin" and "Been Away". Once you hear these, you'll definitely feel compelled to check out the rest of F**k The World

Although Summer Walker dropped her debut album, Over It, not too long ago and provided us with eighteen silky tracks to keep in rotation, she's keeping the music coming. Probably because people can't get enough of her. Her buzz is evidenced by the fact that she was recruited to contribute an original song to the soundtrack for the new Harley Quinn movie, Birds Of Prey. Summer's rendition of Barry White's "I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little More" shows her singing over jazzier production than ever before and it makes for a lovely fit. 

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