Summer Walker and London on da Track are taking advantage of the beautiful summer weather by having a little fun in the sun together. The two of them hit up the beach on Wednesday (June 24th) for some much-needed R&R, and it looks like Summer got carried away with her beach toys. London posted some photos of himself buried in the sand with only his head sticking out to say hello. In the first photo, Summer seems to have carved out some sand-abs for London, but, as he points out, she overlooked one important detail.

"She forgot da [dick] print lol," he wrote in the caption, using an eggplant emoji. "Guess I’m on da sand now." In the second photo, Summer angles the camera in order to take a selfie with London's floating head in the background.

The couple got back together last month after reportedly splitting back in April. Shortly after, they caused quite a stir when Summer posted a video of London sucking on her toes. They're no stranger to controversial videos, though. Back in March, fans grew concerned after footage of London choking Summer looked like more than just harmless fun. However, Summer later cleared the air and insisted that he was just "playing" and that "he would never try to really hurt me."