Summer Walker already had a few tattoos on her face, but she recently added another one. The singer-songwriter now has a fine-lined red teddy bear underneath her left eye. While she seems to be satisfied with how the tat came out, in her Instagram stories debuting it, she complains how expensive Los Angeles tattoo shops are. She claims "that LA bullshit" is her paying $120 for the lil' teddy, when her older tats, which are equally "clean", were a mere $50. 

Summer Walker made headlines recently - not only for announcing that her first album, Over It, will be releasing on October 4 - but for beefing with her boyfriend, London On Da Track's baby mama. After London posted a touchy photo with Summer on his Instagram, with a caption intimating that he wants to have a baby with her "on purpose", two of his baby mamas popped up in the comments. They blasted him for wanting to take on another child when he supposedly neglects the ones he has. However, a THIRD baby mama came to his defense and said that he does in fact support his children, but the other mothers make it hard for him to do so. Summer didn't really care to hear this defense though. She simply pulled up in one of the indignant baby mama's DMs and threatened to square up.   

Anyway, steam "Playing Games" by Summer Walker off her debut album, entirely produced by her boo, London On Da Track.