London On Da Track and Summer Walker may have been meant to be together. The two worked together on Summer's debut album Over It, with London serving as the executive producer of the project. Knowing that the two are in a romantic relationship offers even more context into the work of art, which can be seen as an open love letter between partners. Before they started dating though, London was adamant that he could help Summer with her music career, also just wanting to get close to the star for his own selfish purposes. Walker shared some old direct messages, circa 2017 and 2018, to prove that they're in it 'til the end and were always working towards that. 

Prince Williams/Wireimage/Getty Images

"I can’t believe London really was chasing me like this back in 2018 & now he’s my babyyyy," said Summer, sharing a bunch of old messages from her current boyfriend. In the messages, the producer says that maybe one day, she can become "his Beyoncé" and wear his chain around the city. That ended up becoming a reality, but Walker was clearly onto his ways from the jump, keeping him in check and telling him that if he wanted to talk, he would be the one to initiate conversation.

These are amazing to look through, knowing that London was right about them ending up together AND her music career being a tremendous success. He commented back though by saying that she is actually the one who chased him. 

"Naw were the one u said u having my child," wrote London in the comments, proving that the love was always two-sided.

Take a look through these below.