Summer Walker has made her motherhood public in the past. She has repeatedly called out London On Da Track for being "the worst baby daddy on the planet," saying she wished that she "paid more attention" to who he was before they had a child together. But it seems like this drama maybe hasn't made Walker write off having a child entirely.

In a new Instagram post, Summer Walker showed off a bikini with puka shells. The comment section was abuzz with pregnancy rumors as fans wondered if this was her way of announcing she was with child.

"Brown & Beautiful," Walker captioned the series of three photos. Fans immediately began guess as to whether or not the singer is expecting. "My sis definitely pregnant," wrote @jjaylahh. "It's the pregnant belly for me," wrote @kamkam._27. "Summer .. don't play with me rn..." added @_youlovearii. Walker has yet to address the rumors.

Walker's pictures came on the heels of a post from her regarding the Supreme Court's recent decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. In the post, Walker shared screenshots of various tweets criticizing the ruling. "A death sentence from the 'pro life,'" Walker wrote under a tweet from @elizabethlgr which read, "The treatment for an ectopic pregnancy is abortion. The treatment for a septic uterus is abortion. The treatment for a miscarriage that your body won't release is abortion. If you can't get those abortions, you die. You. Die." Walker isn't the only person upset about the decision- massive protests have erupted across the country.