Summer Walker is just like everyone else right now as she is being forced to lay low in her home in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic. The issue here is that if anyone goes outside, they could get infected and even if you're at a low risk of getting seriously ill, you could end up spreading the virus to someone who is. Summer has been taking the stay-at-home order seriously and over the weekend, she celebrated her birthday under quarantine. 

To mark the occasion, Summer took to her Finsta where she typically posts NSFW content and other antics she partakes in with her friends. This post was a lot more wholesome, however, as she showed off how her friends helped her celebrate her 24 birthday. As you can see from the post below, the singer received some cupcakes and a rendition of "Happy Birthday."

Summer appeared to be genuinely touched by the efforts of her friends and shyly blushed while they serenaded her with some questionable singing. 

Celebrating one's birthday can't be easy during these troubling times. Typically, you want to go out and spend the time with a large group of friends but as of right now, it would simply be too irresponsible to do so.

Perhaps when this is all over, Summer will have the proper celebration she deserves.