Supreme has been known to collaborate with a unique selection of cultural forces, from the storied French ateliers of Louis Vuitton, to the erotic stylings of manga artist Toshio Maeda. The brand continues to confound consumer expectations by announcing a forthcoming collusion with the iconic 1987 British horror film Hellraiser. Written and directed by Clive Baker, the egregious amount of gore and lewd activity in the film ensured its controversial presence in the cinematic pantheon. 

Since its original debut, Hellraiser has spawned 9 sequels, with a tenth in the works, cementing its status as a cult classic. The series centres around a mysterious puzzle box that, when solved, unleashes sadomasochistic creatures known as Cenobites, as well as their leader, Pinhead, who come prepared to wreak havoc.

Supreme's Hellraiser collection pays homage to the terrifying, yet unforgettable image and likeness of Pinhead. The selection of clothing will include a trench coat, skate pants, hoodies, football jerseys, tees, mesh shorts, and more. 

The collaboration will be available in-stores and online beginning April 26. Click here to see the collection in its entirety