Swae Lee continues his tradition of hitting back at social media users that tarnish his name or at least attempt to. The latest incident revolves around an Instagram posting in which he suggested his haters lacked "testicular fortitude," by posing next to a genderless ancient ruin. The caption read: This statue is like you n****s, no balls at all."

Evidently, by gesturing vaguely towards a searing crowd he was opening himself to conflict. An Instagram user that goes by con_lees was among the first to interject, stating that Swae possessed the body of an 8-year-old girl. Swae Lee's response was to compare the user's mom to a 43-year-old man. However, playground rules do state that an insult of that nature comes at the cost of recoil damage. 

My 8-year-old self, therefore, would have ruled this verbal spat a no-contest, but only on technical grounds. Swae Lee wins a few points for using the objects within his perimeter. The Instagram user does well to point out Swae Lee's calcium deficiency next to the more imposing statue. But in the end, we do witness Swae Lee swinging a double-edged sword, causing him to injure himself in the process.

I'm sorry folks, I've got to rule this one a split decision.