SZA is not a difficult person: all she wants is her booty rubbed and a moderate amount of attention. Does that sound reasonable? If not, SZA is not the Manchurian Candidate you would have hoped. Needless to say, if you want to keep a good woman happy, or any partner for that matter, you need to prove yourself invaluable on a day-today basis. That's just the harsh truth, don't rag on me.

SZA wouldn't be the first Twitter user to utilize the platform as an "outgoing call." In fact a lot of SZA's Twitter musings revolve around simple maxims or circumstantial evidence of astrology.

SZA is a Pisces or under these circumstances, a fish out of water. Her swollen vocal chords have been slow to recover, and I gather that's been a source penance for most of the summer, hence her decision to seek pleasure (comfort) online.

SZA's critically acclaimed album Ctrl focused primarily on what she didn't get out of various vague relationships, to no fault of her own. Or as the record states: Ctrl was her turn to tell the story without much debate or interruption. So when SZA calls out to Twitter like she did yesterday, I suppose she's speaking up for women other than herself.