With nominations in seven Emmy categories this year, Insecure is still a dominating force in the industry. Issa Rae's brainchild has been a favorite among television viewers for four seasons now, and as time progresses, the show's popularity only increases while other series struggle to stay afloat. Last season, SZA made her acting debut on the hit show and as an avid fan, the TDE songbird sat down with Issa Rae for an Insecure quiz courtesy of Billboard. The ladies had fun as SZA is known as the show's biggest fan, and to kick things off, they both divulged secrets about their vices.

SZA, Issa Rae, Insecure, Billboard, Quizzed
Cindy Ord / Stringer / Getty Images

Issa Rae revealed that she's a drinker but doesn't smoke weed, while SZA admitted she enjoys partaking in cannabis but doesn't drink. Issa claims that if she smokes, she goes to a "dark place" that she appropriately called "hell," before SZA laughed as she revealed drinking has her "crying and sh*t." After their introductory pleasantries, Issa Rae gets down to business and began pegging the singer with detailed questions about the show. It soon becomes obvious that while SZA may be an Insecure fan, she may have to rewatch a few episodes to brush up on the series before taking on trivia. 

Aside from being tested, the playful exchange was full of laughs and fun moments. Watch Issa Rae and SZA cut up below.