With Kanye West’s 808s & Heartbreak album being influenced by auto-tune, it’s only fitting that in 2008 T-Pain was in the studio with 'Ye to help perfect their popular sound. However, the "Up Down" singer said his time with Kanye wasn’t always as enjoyable as one would think.

During a recent interview with VLAD TV, T-Pain recalls a time when Kanye put him on blast during a studio session, and that everyone present in the studio joined in. The Tallahassee artist said Kanye not only crushed his ideas, but made a “diss” song for him.

“He came up with this song for me, and it wasn't a good song. It was basically describing how wack my ideas was that I was coming up with. And he made everybody in the studio join in with him to sing like, 'T-Pain's shit is weak.'"

T-Pain also went on to say that the song was “pretty lyrical” and impressed him in a weird way.

"I actually thought he should have put that on the record at some point. But it would have been a diss record. I thought that was pretty fucked up."

Watch T-Pain talk about the session below, as well comment on Kanye West's use of the Confederate flag for his tour merch.