Back in December, T-Pain posted an image on Instagram that saw the jaw-dropping bill he had to pay for his brother in the hospital. It was unknown just what his bother was in the hospital for, but the $1.4 million bill assured his fans it was something serious. It's with sadness that we report that T-pain's brother passed away in February and the now the "Bartender" music maker has gone off on someone who had the audacity to say it was T-pain's fault. 

"My brother just died February 5th, and this man just told me I let my brother die because of the hospital bills, after I paid $2.2 million to the hospital, and he told me if I had paid more money then my brother would still be alive," T-Pain said in a video. "Money don't fix everything bro, you're putting too much power into money why would you think that's possible?"

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

In total, T-Pain put down $2 million for his brother's hospital stay where he then relocated him at home. His leg gave out at one point, resulting in a fall, that then resulted in a brain injury and his untimely death. 

"How could money fix that?' T-Pain asked. "If money could fix it like that then all of my family would be alive, If I could just throw money at a health issue and everyone would be fixed, then everyone's alive, we living forever."