When T-Pain released his reworked version of Michael Jackson's "P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)" with Robin Thicke, the song's originator Quincy Jones was not exactly impressed. The legendary producer offered his critique within the public sphere.

"I said to them, 'Look, you got to make the music better than we did on the originals'. That didn't happen," Quincy lamented. "T-Pain, man, he didn't pay attention to the details."

In response, T-Pain jumped on Twitter to absolve himself of poor judgment, stating that it was never his intention to record the song, but rather a decision mandated by his then-manager. Additionally, he didn't seem too pleased with the finished product himself. And yet, the question still persisted, as to whether Quincy Jones' reflected poorly on any one constituent.

T-Pain was finally given the opportunity to answer those queries.. and more on the Watch What Happens Live talk show hosted by Andy Cohen. T-Pain admitted that yes while Jones' comments held a ton of weight, the legendary producer did make good within hours of fielding his critique, in a person to person call. 

"He actually did reach out to me immediately after that (interview) came out and he just explained to me that he's just old," T-Pain told Andy Cohen on Sunday, October 21. "He said, 'Look man sometimes I just get in my age and I just babble on about what I know,' and so I accepted his apology. I never lost any respect for him, I just didn't know why he went like that with it."

Quincy also famously threw shots at Paul McCartney in the very same interview and has since made amends on all accounts.