T-Rell Loses His "Hood Card" After Epic Backwood Fail On "How To Roll"

Aron A.
December 05, 2021 13:28

T-Rell calls for help after failing to roll a Backwood and a joint on "How To Roll."

"I bet this gon' be the best blunt ever rolled, too, 'cause I rolled it," said T-Rell just after admitting he's never rolled a blunt before. The rapper, who is fresh off of the release of 2 Big 2 Ignore, explained that he's usually stuffing Raw cones when he's smoking by himself, though he was enthusiastic about twisting up a Backwood.

One of the perks of being a rapper is having a group of friends who are willing to roll for you but on the latest episode of How To Roll, T-Rell attempted to tackle the task dolo. Rell broke down a nice bud of Truffles as he asked for instructions on rolling a Backwood cigar, which unlike a Swisher or a Philly, doesn't get split down the middle. This was just one of many hurdles T-Rell faced on How To Roll that ultimately chipped away at his confidence over the course of the episode.


"My tip is just do what you see someone else do... Look, I'm patchin' over here," Rell admitted while trying to save the mangled tobacco leaf. "I don't know, bro. This is the most terrible-est blunt ever. I'm still gon' smoke it, though, heavy. If I can smoke it. Bro, this is an epic fail, bro," he continued before eventually giving up and switching over to the papers. "Okay, the Backwoods a fail, bro," he added. "I've never rolled before. Nobody ever gon' think I'm a hood n***a no more. I'mma lose my hood card, bro. Y'all hurt me."

Unfortunately, even rolling papers couldn't save the smoke session for T-Rell, so, he called on his DJ to finish the job. "This is hard. Now, I know why people roll weed for me," he concluded.

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