Takeoff's solo emancipation is well underway, ever since his "rocket launch" debut at the top of the month. His latest milestone came last night, as he performed "Last Memory" on the Tonight Show hosted by Jimmy Fallon.

Note, this wasn't Takeoff's first experience with this chosen "late night" demographic. Migos' ability to switch codes on demand is partially responsible for their success as a group, allowing them to create a correspondence with new fans, including those whose knowledge is limited to late-night television or the YouTube feeder.

Fallon was his usual exuberant self as he directed the audience's attention towards a billowing smoke machine in the corner. Right on queue, Takeoff emerged from his concealment just as a montage of space-aged images flooded the screen behind him. "Woke up this morning can't remember nothing,” Takeoff rapped, alerting the audience to "Last Memory's" opening measure, ironically chosen to close out the show.

Takeoff has become a cult-hero of sorts, to fans who've ridden the Migos' wave the whole way through. His emergence as a viable solo act has become an undeniable "feel-good moment" for those same fans questioning the implications of his newly-established "background role" within the group. As you can see below, Takeoff is more than willing and able to take his chances on the big stage when called upon.