The other week a report surfaced that Yasiin Bey, better known as Mos Def, had to cancel a string of U.S. tour dates because he was not allowed to re-enter the United States. Of course, many of us found this strange as he was born and raised in America, although the report came along with a statement from the site Together Boston, which initially announced the cancellation of Bey's Boston tour date. The statement cited "immigration/legal" issues as the reason.

Yasiin Bey is currently residing in South Africa, and while we haven't heard from the man himself on this matter, his former rapping partner Talib Kweli did speak up, giving his take on the situation via Twitter.

"I haven’t spoken on Yasiin cuz it seemed obvious to me that these rumors are unsubstantiated lies. But y’all believe blogs so I must," Talib said. "Think about you’ve read about Yasiin. Does it make sense? No it doesn’t. Do you own research if you that concerned. Stop believing blogs. No need to get up in arms. Yasiin is, in the words of Dave Chappelle, chillin out in South Africa #mandelavoice." 

See Talib Kweli's tweets below.