Waka Flocka isn't the type to be embarrassed from getting older, and he's already commemorated his birthday in a major way. First, he dropped a surprise mixtape, Big Homie Flocka, with 23 new tracks featuring production from Zaytoven, Lex Luger, 808 Mafia, and more. But even his gift to us probably pales in comparison to the gift he received from his wife last night.

Tammy Rivera, Flocka's wife of four years, decided to give her husband the best gift he could ever ask for: a custom 1986 Monte Carlo. 

"Happy Birthday Baby!! I know out of all the cars in the world you love the 1986 Monte Carlo I used to tell you back when I ain’t have shit and you used to spoil me.. One day ima buy you a old school and NOW I DID!!!," Rivera wrote in the caption for her Instagram post showing off the car. 

The whip itself is mean as hell. Painted a sleek gray color, the car has a custom made steering wheel, "Brick Squad Monopoly" headrests on the seats, and a massive speaker system in the trunk. Flocka is clearly impressed with the car, asking Rivera, "Why you always be outdoing me?"

Flocka must be used to being spoiled by his wife on his birthday. Last year she commissioned a custom Rolex birthday cake to match his real one, right down to the diamonds. By the way this is escalating, expect Rivera to buy Flocka a mansion in the hills when he turns 33 next year.