While this will likely never happen, we can almost guarantee that it would sell out in an instant. Anybody that has been following the "King of R&B" debate knows just how confidently Jacquees has been stating that he owns the title. Many have disagreed, pointing at Chris Brown, R. Kelly, Usher, and others as the rightful owners of the crown. Even members of the genre's older generation have stepped in with Keith Sweat arguing with Que about the claim. Tank has been vocal about his involvement in the debate and he's just reshared what can only be considered a poster for a dream tour.

Since music is subjective, there will likely never be a unanimous "king of R&B." However, fans can choose who their favorite singer is and the perfect way to come up with that selection would be through a royal tour of everybody in the running. Tank shared a fanmade poster for a mock tour involving himself, Chris Brown, Usher, Trey Songz, and R. Kelly. It's worth it to note a few things about the post. For starters, Jacquees is completely left off of the board. Maybe he'll be opening up? Also, Kellz has earned himself the coveted centre spot, likely being named the king among kings.

Would you attend a "Kings of R&B" tour?