You might think that by the time you've climbed the social and professional ladder your whole and made your way to the Golden Globes, you wouldn't have to worry about anything so trivial and irritating as a stolen jacket, but not so. At the Golden Globes last night, Taraji P. Henson not only got her jacket swiped but had a close call with a diamond ring. 

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The ring, pictured above, fell of her finger near the moment everyone was leaving and Henson apparently got everybody to stop what they were doing with by yelling out: “oh my god, oh my god! No one move! No one move! My ring! My ring!” This got the attention of Hollywood's most gentle of giants, Terry Crews, who stopped and helped coordinate the effort to find her jewellery. He said of his Ralph Breaks The Internet co-star: “you know Taraji, she is the best! I’d do anything for her.”

Unfortunately, though, he can't do everything for her. Although she got her ring back, Henson was left without a jacket at the end of the night and had to go home with bare shoulders in the paralyzing cold of 60 degrees. She posted a note on her Instagram story: