Taye Diggs recently spoke to Page Six about his role on CW's show, All American, fatherhood and his views on marriage. 

Diggs who plays the role of a married man on All American split from his former wife, Idina Menzel, in 2014. “I have moments of wanting to be married again even without the show," he told Page Six. "Just watching couples; I liked being coupled up. I want to be boo’d up at some point,” he continued. The actor does, however, admit that he is uncertain of what the future holds for him adding, “I don’t know if it will happen.”

Though his ex Menzel got remarried to Rent co-star Aaron Lohr, Diggs reveals that his 9-year-old son, Walker,  bestowed him some worthwhile advice about taking a break from consuming romantic endeavors. “Walker told me he wants me to chill out for a minute,” he said. “I am right out of a relationship. So when I got out of it, he said that this was good to have me back.”

The actor also revealed that his new-found wealth and Hollywood surroundings have made parenting his son a unique, and at times,  challenging experience. “I am first-generation wealthy, 100 percent, so I have no experience when raising my son,” he said. “All I have to fall back on is the way I was raised. My son is in a completely different setting. I can’t raise him based on my childhood," he shared. 

All American will air October 10, 2018 on the CW.