Taylor Bennett - Broad Shoulders (Between The Lines)

HNHH Staff
December 16, 2015 13:36

Taylor Bennett breaks down the lyrics of his record with Chance the Rapper "Broad Shoulders" on this episode of 'Between The Lines'.

Recently, Chance the Rapper's younger brosef, Taylor Bennett, debuted a new album titled Broad Shoulders. He lead the project's release with the eponymous single that featured Chance. A soft-spoken, piano-laden jam with a signature sing-song hook from Chance, it was both an introspective and outrospective look at growing pains and family life.

When Taylor was promoting the album last week he stopped by our offices and offered an in-depth breakdown of his third verse on "Broad Shoulders," rapping the lyrics acapella too.

"What's crazy, when I wrote this song, my brother hadn't had his daughter yet, so it's pretty crazy that it was as in sync as it actually was to my current situation. But when I actually wrote it, I wrote it with the perspective of parents. Because the first two verses is the verse from me and then the verse from my brother, and then what other perspective are you missing but the mother and the father. So I decided to write the perspective of a daughter and a son to make it more relatable to my audience. After I made the song, I found out that my brother was about to be a dad, and I found out that he was gunna have a daughter. And that third verse that I decided to write all of a sudden completely fell in place, because now all of a sudden it's my father looking at us two which is the first two verses, and then my brother looking at me and his daughter from the perspective of a father, and that shit's crazy. That's why it's such a personal song."

Watch the full segment above to hear about the lyric breakdown.

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