TDE co-president Terrence "Punch" Henderson stays behind the scenes most of the time, operating alongside CEO Anthony Tiffith in the shadows. When he does come out of the shadows, it’s to release the occasional musical track. Punch appears on Kendrick Lamar’s recent untitled unmastered. on track 5 of the album to contribute a verse, and this time he won’t be ducking back into the background so quickly.

Punch recently told Billboard that he plans on doing “a project for sure,” even though his artistic process has usually come in spurts. “I think I’m going to finally finish it because I write a lot and I record every so often. I think I’m just gonna go ahead and knock it out at this point.”

It seems the occasional trips to the studio had an addictive effect on Punch, who raps lyrically-dense rhymes about inner-city and personal struggles. Kendrick has previously put on for Punch, saying, “Punch always been a crazy lyricist, aside from being a pioneer in the company.”

Punch unfortunately doesn’t reveal a release date for his work, but it’s reassuring to hear he’s willing to commit a bit more time to the process. Besides, with TDE ramping up their release schedule in 2016, we may have more than enough new music from the California label to tide us over while Punch refines the project into something great. For now, listen to Punch's "Gone" from earlier this year.