Cardi B's debut album Invasion Of Privacy has been getting some heavy praise since its release Friday, but a compliment from TDE President Punch has been getting a particularly large amount of attention. "Cardi B is 2Pac," he wrote on Twitter Saturday. "I said what I said."

As we've seen most recently with Lil Xan, any time Pac's name is brought up, either positively or negatively with regards to the new generation of rappers, things get very divisive very quickly. In this case, one person who challenged Punch's statement was Hot 97's Ebro, who joked "People really drunk off this #InvasionOfPrivacy," before the two got down to the bottom of what the similarities between the two artists are.

"Lets remove Pac’s social commentary, poetic/writing skills, upbringing in the Black Nationalist movement.... just focus on everyone wants them to win, great songs, passion and complete transparency & truth... then ok," wrote Ebro, which turned out to be a take that Punch could agree with. "Now we talking. The passion and charisma. Even flow and delivery at times when she emphasize certain words for more impact etc," he wrote.

Of course, Punch's mentions were filled with more than just Ebro, but the discussion was more level-headed than you might expect (then again, at least one person wished death upon him for the opinion). The TDE president replied to a few fans, critics, and artists on both sides of the debate. Check those out below and let us know your own thoughts in the comments -- but make sure you listen to Invasion Of Privacy (and All Eyez On Me for that matter!) first.