Rihanna isn't the only artist that fans are pushing to release new music. For the last three years, SZA's supporters have been banging her line, begging to hear what she's been working on so intently. 

Last night, the incessant questions continued but, this time, things were a little different. SZA actually ended up referring to her relationship with Punch and TDE as "hostile," redirecting the fan's questions to him and claiming that, whenever she personally asks when her new music will be dropping, he always just tells her "soon." 

Punch already spoke on the topic a bit last night, seemingly acting a bit sarcastic about it all, and now, he's dropping off one final message.

"I’m gonna remember you n***as once the meet and greets pop off again," wrote Punch on Twitter. He's referring to all of the fans that he accused of "hurting his feelings" with their tweets last night. 

While it's all fun and games on Punch's side, this is a serious situation for SZA. If even she has no idea when she can release new music, she's found herself in a pretty toxic work environment that she should probably think of finding a way out of. That, or she should have a nice, long conversation with Punch to come up with ways to fix this.