Have Nas and Kanye West been hunkering down in the home theater, meticulously studying David Fincher's Se7en on a frame-by-frame basis? After Kanye West posted a write-up on the seven deadly sins on Twitter yesterday, many were left speculating on the nature of Yeezy's cryptic message. To be fair, the seven deadly sins feel like something Kanye West would enjoy, and it's not entirely random for Ye to explore concepts of this nature. Still, the timing of his post has raised a few questions, and TDE's Punch has come through with a hell of a theory.

"I hope this is where @Nas is going with his album," writes Punch, via Twitter. "Perfect way to lay out those 7 tracks." He's certainly not wrong about that latter statement, and if anybody can pull off such an ambitious concept, it's the legendary Nasir Jones. For those who don't remember, the seven deadly sins include Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Lust, Pride, Envy, and Wrath. There's little doubt that Nas could spin each sin into a rewarding experience, and it would certainly provide Yeezy with an strong foundation for musical experimentation.

If you're not looking forward to that new Nas album, shame on you. Even if it doesn't cover the seven deadly sins, it may very well emerge as one of the year's best efforts thus far.