50 Cent and Teairra Mari won't stop going at each other's necks on social media. Mari sued 50 Cent for revenge porn after the rapper posted a picture of her with semen on her face. The picture was taken from a sex tape that leaked but 50 Cent didn't have any involvement with the video actually surfacing on the web. He ended up winning in court and since then, he's been going on Instagram and publicly demanding that she cough up the loot. 

50 Cent still hasn't received his payment from Teairra Mari from the case he won against her last month. After reports surfaced that he's been granted a court order to get his $30K from Teairra Mari, she came through with scathing clapback, claiming the rapper is with the police and thirsty for attention.

"Curtisssss!!!! Cut the shit, u are the Police & thirsty 4 attention ...peddling that cheap ass moonshine. See, I was just about to Pay ur rat ass too .... Now, #Iaintgotit #youaintgettinit," she wrote. "SN: Keep calling me a bitch & Imma put a finger🖕🏾in ur booty......again! It’s Ms. Bitch."


Fif's been reminding her to pay up on social media for the past month since the judge came to a verdict. Yesterday, he shared a photo and captioned it, "Hey lil bitch, get me my money! Fuck you, and Emanuel Gonzalez."