According to a new report from TMZ, rapper and producer Tech N9ne is no longer a married man.

The gossip outlet has confirmed that the emcee, 46, has finalized the paperwork that ends his 22-year marriage with Lecoya LeJeune. Despite the fact that they've been husband and wife in the eyes of the law for that long, the couple have been separated since 2005. Tech only officially filed for divorce in 2015, so the couple were clearly in no rush to get any divorce proceedings finalized. However, now that the bulk of the work is done, LeJeune will be getting a sizable sum of money each month, plus a hefty one-time payment from her now ex-husband.

The report states that Tech N9ne's ex will be getting a monthly stipend of $5,555.55 in spousal support, an ongoing setup that will last for the next 6 years. In addition to that, the rapper will have to pony up another $150,000 as an asset equalization payment to LeJeune, along with the fact that she's apparently getting multiple bank accounts. The good news for Tech is that the divorce judgment is letting him walks away with his 49% of Strange Music as well as his management company. Finally, there are no child support issues to be had between the divorcees because both of their children are adults now.

This isn't the only bit of legal action Tech N9ne is taking to end off 2017. As we previously reported, Strange music is suing Strainge Entertainment for trademark infringement. Apparently, those in power at Strange Music believe they are being ripped off by Strainge Entertainment, another label that has only been around since 2016. They're a subsidiary of Universal Music Group. Fans are supposedly getting Strange Music and Strainge Entertainment artists confused on social media, which Tech N9ne's label believes might be leading to a loss of profits on their end. The lawsuit is still in the early stages, so there's no telling to what side the justice system will side at this point, but the one thing we do know is that Tech isn't down with others making money off anything with his label's reputation getting caught in the mix.