Though Machine Gun Kelly has come to encapsulate the rockstar spirit, taking it quite literally with his recent foray into pop-punk, Tech N9ne is among the most successful at blending genres like metal and rock into his music. It's no wonder he found a kindred spirit in Gunner, with whom he collaborated on "No Reason (The Mosh Pit Song)" and toured back in 2012.

In fact, Tech N9ne recently spoke with HipHopDX about his wild experience touring with MGK, fondly reminiscing about how the then-21-year old rapper proceeded to leave a lasting impression. Maintaining that he and his team keep a set of strict rules in place for touring, including a no weed policity, Tech laughs as he remembers how "MGK broke every rule."

Tech N9ne

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"He's a wild boy," says Tech. "We almost didn't get to come back to venues because of MGK. I'm talking about food fights in the lunchrooms during the day. Everything. Climbing up, breaking shit. That was the year I went to his twenty-first birthday, then I went to his twenty-second birthday. I think they were both in Vegas too. I was with him early on."

Machine Gun Kelly

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When asked why Tech decided to bring Gunner on the tour, the rapper offers some kind words for his collaborator. "I've always been a fan of MGK," says Tech. "Whenever you find fellow choppers, you try to connect. To have a name like Machine Gun Kelly and Tech N9ne together, that's perfect." 

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