Teddy Riley is a most prolific music professional, having worked with artists like Michael Jackson, Keith Sweat, The Neptunes, and many others. The well-connected musician has an inside scoop in relation to Bobby Brown's life, which was told through a controversial biopic called The Bobby Brown Story.

According to Riley, Brown's career could have benefitted if he continued to present himself to the public as a single man. During an interview with The Breakfast Club, he revealed that he had tried to sway the New Edition singer away from the altar.

"I was the one who tried to talk him out of having a wedding. I don't dislike Whitney, she's a beautiful person. But I told him [... ] you want me to work on this second album, I got most of the songs and you gonna get married?"

Since "his fans were mostly women," Riley considered his upcoming wedding as an impediment to his commercial success. He gave Baby Face and Lionel Richie's career trajectories as examples of how this type of commitment could affect an entertainer's value as a product. Bobby, who clearly has a mind of his own, left the advice behind and headed down the aisle.

Riley also comments on how Janet Jackson was depicted in Brown's biopic. Watch the full clip below.