If there is one thing that rappers will speak on in the booth and in real life, it's loyalty. Hip Hop is known for its collectives that stand ten toes down for one another, and Tee Grizzley is offering a piece of advice to not only his peers but others who find desiring loyalty while not exemplifying it. A consistent complaint from artists is that there wasn't anyone to help show them the way when they entered the industry, but Grizz said that it may be because there have been too many unloyal people who haven't been appreciative in the past.

"One thing you gotta stop doing, bro. When a n*gga give you all the sauce and give y'all some game, y'all gotta stop, not f*ckin' with the people who gave you all the game and the sauce," he said in a brief video shared to his Instagram Story.

Tee Grizzley
Aaron J. Thornton / Stringer / Getty Images

"How you gon' quit f*ckin' with them? You know what I'm sayin'? It's like biting the hand that feeds you type sh*t."

"A lot of people be like, 'Yeah, n*ggas be when you get in the game, they don't wanna share it,'" he added. "That's 'cause when n*ggas share it and get you're run, you turn up, and then it's you're time to shine, you quit f*ckin' with the n*gga who put you in that position. Y'all gotta quit doing that lame ass, b*tch ass sh*t."

Tee Grizzley is consistently dropping off words of wisdom for his supporters, so check out a clip of his appearance on Million Dollaz Worth of Game below.