Tee Grizzley: On The Come Up

Mitch Findlay
August 30, 2017 11:25

Tee Grizzley talks "First Day Out," Lebron James, his reading list and more.

We're pleased to drop the first episode of our new season of On The Come Up, with none other than Tee Grizzley. By now, you've no doubt heard "First Day Out," and if you're really on the ball, you've checked out the entirety of My MomentThere's no questioning that the young Detroit emcee is talented and driven, and if you've caught any interviews with Tee, the soft-spoken rapper has no shortage of humility. He knows where he came from, and recognizes that growing up in Detroit shaped his philosophies on both his personal life and his music. It's a topic we briefly explored in our interview, in which Grizzley explains the impact of growing up on Detroit's west side:

"Growing up on the west side of Detroit Michigan you've got a lot of young dudes growing up just like you," reflects Grizzley. "And you form different groups that you hang with...Ya'll grow up in competition with each other on who dressin' the best and who talking to the most females. Then you get older, and the competition go to fighting each other when you at parties and who the most lit on social media. Then you get older and ya'll start killing each other in real life."

It's a sad but true reality for a lot of dudes, who ultimately end up dying over little more than pride. However, despite the tragic cycle that Tee touches on, there's no denying that Detroit has helped shape him into who he is today. "What helped my sound was what I went through in Detroit. Only thing that the Detroit rappers like Eminem and Royce Da 5'9" did was show me that it's possible to make it...My music comes from what I went through."

Tee Grizzley also goes on to talk about fan response to My Moment, his reading list (including "Think And Grow Rich"), and receiving a co-sign from the legendary King James. Check out the entire video right here, and stay tuned for a brand new season of "On The Come Up." If you're impatient for some new Tee Grizzley, be sure to check back on Friday, when the rapper's new single "Beef" with Meek Mill is set to drop. 

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