Tee Grizzley's breakout single "First Day Out" had already been climbing the charts over the last 11 weeks, but it just received a huge boost from none other than Lebron James. A video posted to Lebron's IG which saw him rapping along to the track as well as debuting a freshly bald cut has over 7 million views on the platform, and the exposure has had a considerable impact on Grizzley's record sales.

"My record sales tripled after LeBron put that up," he told TMZ, revealing that the song has now gone platinum. "Shout out to LeBron, you done made me a couple dollars."

The Detroit rapper is hoping to work with the NBA star at some point in the future. "I'm definitely going to reach out to him and collab with him, he said. "I appreciate what you did for me... and you knew the words, so I know you been listening to it!"

Watch the clip above. Listen to Tee Grizzley's My Moment mixtape, which stands as one of the year's best, here.