People don't like to think of death, but Tee Grizzley believes it's time to get over our own fears in order to take care of business. The Detroit rapper has built his career from the ground up and has suffered a tragedy or two in his own life, so he took to social media recently to give a bit of advice to his fellow artists who he believes need to get things straightened out behind the scenes.

"So look, right. As rappers, as successful Black men from the trenches, bro. We the number one target and we the least prepared, you feel me? So, I feel like everybody should have life insurance. I need everybody to go get life insurance if you ain't got it. If you got kids, I need you to get a will set up, bro, for your kids, bro."

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Aaron J. Thornton / Stringer / Getty Images

"God forbid anything happen," he continued, adding that it's all about making sure that your loved ones aren't scrambling to piece things together if something were to occur. "You know what I'm saying? We the number one target and the least prepared. I need us to get on top of this sh*t. We need to get life insurance. We need to get our wills right, so the next generation don't have to go as hard as we did and have to go through everything we did, you feel me."

He also encouraged people to leave comments on his post "if you know something that could help us for the future, for our family." Watch Tee Grizzley give his advice below.