Tee Grizzley is welcoming home his little brother, Mar Mar Wallace, who just spent five years in prison for robbery. 

His brother, whose full name is Marcellus Kyleef Wallace, is officially back home and he was greeted by his world-famous rapper brother, who had a bag of money and a bust-down watch waiting in the car.

"GO TELL MY BROTHER WELCOME HOME!!!" wrote the Detroit rapper on Instagram. Mar Mar is already active on social media, sharing a couple of new pictures on his own page as well. 

"They let us get back together TWIN GRIZZLIES," wrote Mar Mar on his own copy of the picture.

In the comments, people are talking about how the two look significantly alike. While there are differences in their facial structures, it wouldn't surprise anybody walking by them on the street that they grew up together in the same family.

This hasn't been an easy time for Tee Grizzley and his family, who dealt with the loss of his aunt, Jobina Brown. Over a year has passed since her shooting death, which has left a traumatic mark on Tee's life

It will be definitely nice for him to have his brother around.

Welcome home, Mar Mar!