Leave it to Tekashi 6ix9ine and his girlfriend Jade to act a fool like this on Instagram.

As the protests continue across the nation, Tekashi 6ix9ine claimed to be donating a portion of his new single's earnings to a bail fund. He has not explained how much money will be donated. During his road to hopefully debuting at #1 with "Trollz," the rapper and his girlfriend got suggestive on social media, talking about their sex life and revealing what they primarily fight over.

All couples get into spats every once in a while. The key to maintaining a healthy relationship is the manner in which the fight is handled during and afterward. Apparently, Tekashi and his girlfriend Jade get into arguments about wigs.

"I never knew in my relationship i have to fight my man over wigs," wrote Jade before explaining the reason why she doesn't mind too much. "His dick game crazy tho."

Continuing the TMI string, 6ix9ine commented and gave fans a visual representation. 

"Ya asss make my shit look wild small," wrote the rapper in her comments.

These two need to read the room. It might not be the time for this. However, is there ever a time for this? Check out their interaction below.