The 2018 World Cup is still underway, and football fever is sweeping the world. Tekashi 6ix9ine, being of Mexican-American descent, is not immune to the call of the football pitch either, and today he proved his skills against one of the greats, Mario Balotelli.

In the midst of his European tour, Tekashi and Balotelli met up on the pitch to play some 1-on-1, with Balotelli as the shooter and Tekashi as the goalie. Tekashi also states that if Balotelli is unable to score on him, then team Mexico should sign him up as a goalie.

The game goes about as well as you'd expect, if not better. Saving a goal in football is hard enough, especially when there's no one to help you defend. While Balotelli gets most of the shots in pretty easily, Tekashi does manage to deflect a few of them, so he's clearly got some dexterity here, though he's probably not quite pro level yet.

Tekashi was very excited about getting to play against a pro, though he also offered an excuse for his getting scored on. "I was tired after my show so I wasn’t 100%..... THIS WAS A DREAM COME TRUE," wrote Tekashi in the Instagram caption.

Mexico will be continuing their World Cup run in a game against Brazil tomorrow, July 2nd. If it turns out that they need a back up goalie for the game, they know to call Tekashi 6ix9ine. Check out the video of Tekashi and Mario Balotelli facing off in the post down below.