Tekashi 6ix9ine didn't make it inside of ComplexCon this year. The rainbow-haired rapper was stopped by Slim 400 as he approached the entrance to the Hyatt Regency in Long Beach on Sunday. Tekashi has been beefing with Slim's associate YG for months now, prompting the incident. As Tekashi arrived, Slim's crew blocked the entrance and a shouting match ensued. After things got heated, Tekashi opted to step away from the confrontation and not attend ComplexCon at all. Since 6ix9ine is on probation, any conflict may have led to immediate jail time. 

Understandably heated about how things went down, Tekashi took to Instagram live to take shots at Slim 400. "They're dirty ass bloods," spits Tekashi with venom in the video. "You know why they don't like me?," he continues. "I'ma tell you why they don't like me. They like yo, this kid got rainbow hair. He got six nine tattoos all on his face looking stupid. He's running with our gang culture, he's running with SuWu this, blood this, right? That's the thing right, they're angry. They're mad." Tekashi continues to name his accolades, such as touring in Europe and selling records before he returns to take aim at Slim 400. "You're a dirty blood," he reaffirms.