After purchasing a new "Billy the Saw" chain for over 300K, Tekashi 6ix9ine is now goading someone to come snatch it, so that he can gain a little more buzz for DAY69. The album has already made short work of the charts climbing to #1 in a few days. All of this comes to us via Tekashi himself, on his Instagram.

The rapper has been under fire for what is perceived to be a whole lot of posturing. His alleged attempts at boosting his exposure have rubbed a few people the wrong way. There have been calls for his public humiliation, to the point of us questioning other tough guy images as they begin to enter the fray. The whole thing smells fishy down there.

The Instagram post has managed to lure all the e-thugs out of their dark hiding spots, one user going as far to suggest that Tekashi would get stripped bare if he entered the Bay Area. As noted, Tekashi will be posting his location "in a few." Get in where you fit in folks. Keep it locked.