The self-proclaimed King of New York is officially back in his city but, upon arriving, he was pretty close to getting back in trouble.

After spending the last week in Los Angeles, taunting rival rappers and disrespecting Nipsey Hussle by taking pictures in front of the mural in his neighborhood, the face-tattooed, rainbow-haired rapper returned home to NY. Right when he arrived, he was met by a huge crowd of adoring fans, and one woman apparently had the bright idea to try and get him in trouble right then and there.

"KING OF NEW YORK IS BACK," wrote 6ix9ine on Instagram, sharing a video of himself touching down on the East Coast. "Lady try to fall in front of me and get a law suit."

As he describes in his caption, the audience of spectators quiets down after a woman fell directly in front of the rapper, which he is calling a ploy to get money out of him. It's unclear what actually happened but it looks like she may have been part of a swarm of people rushing Tekashi as he made his way to his vehicle.

Bob Levey/Getty Images

As you surely know, the rapper likes to stage content for his social media pages. Perhaps this was acted out in an attempt to get people riled up, which, if it was, it worked.