Tekashi 6ix9ine's was testing his luck over the weekend after he began L.A. gang members during All-Star weekend. His beef with them resulted in several of his shows getting cancelled but it looked like he had a relatively solid weekend in sunny California. The rapper didn't have any actual issues until today when footage of the rapper getting into an altercation at LAX surfaced on the web. With his debut project dropping this Friday, there were speculations that it may have been some sort of promo for the album but he's since responded to these rumors on Instagram.

6ix9ine hit Instagram shortly after footage of his fight at LAX surfaced, as expected, to address the brawl that occurred. The rapper claimed that people are mad that he left unharmed and that he doesn't need any sort of publicity stunts in order to sell his album. 

"Yo for all the people saying that that fight was staged for promo for the project release on Friday, it wasn't staged." He said, "Y'all n*ggas just mad. When I don't get touched, y'all n*ggas be mad tight. The n*gga was bleeding from his face like it's not staged. Like why I gotta stage something for an album release, n*gga? My shit gonna sell regardless."

The rapper then pointed to his face to prove that he didn't have any marks on it. 

Peep his response below.