Tekashi 6ix9ine is seriously misunderstood, if you make him out to be anything less than a caring, humble, generous person, if you ask the man himself. The rapper took to Instagram this afternoon to air out this misconception. In support of his argument, he posted an interview in which Lil Yachty sums him up as a "genuine dude." In full he describes Tekashi's actual demeanour with the following remarks:

"Even though he act like all this and all that, he is so genuine, he does not let that shit get to him."

Tekashi 6ix9ine returned the favour by shouting out Lil Boat 2, Yachty's brand new album, not before listing off his own accomplishments. He dedicated his success to his fans, owning up to the fact that they've been instrumental in helping him gain his notoriety. A notoriety that he is attained without an executive push, as he puts it. He next credits his family with being loyal to his cause, and for supplying with him unconditional love and support. Most importantly, he reiterates the same points that Yachty made in the video. All in all, it feels like a thinly veiled self brag but who am I to question authenticity?