Of all the new rappers in the game right now, a very large percentage of them have inked up their faces. For many, face tattoos serve as a promise to oneself that they will continue to hustle until they make it in the music business. With face ink still frowned upon in most workplaces, it can be seen as a commitment to one's art. Tekashi 6ix9ine has some of the most iconic tattoos, with many of them being on his face. While most of the work he's gotten shows different written variations of the number "69," the Brooklyn star has ventured out of his norm to cop some new face ink in Europe, opting for a flower.

Mr. Rainbow has been all over this year, quickly becoming one of the most notorious rappers today. Reflecting on his trolling ways after the untimely passing of XXXTentacion, Tekashi is laying low during his European tour, using his time off to fill up his face even further. 6ix9ine decided that the right side of his forehead was missing something so he consulted a tattoo artist to add in a large floral design directly above his eyebrow. The new ink comes just after he was criticized for having "fake" face tattoos before it was revealed he simply covered them with make-up when attempting to get into Summer Jam. 

With even more tats on his face, he will soon become unrecognizable. What do you think of 6ix9ine's new addition to his look?