As the beef between Chief Keef and Tekashi 6ix9ine rages on, it's doesn't seem clear as to where all of this is going. So many shots and trolling comments have been thrown by both sides that at this point it's hard to figure out what exactly is going on. 

During Tekashi's jaunt through the streets of Chicago the other day, allegations that Tekashi was being trailed by the police for protection followed behind him. As a response, Chief Keef posted a mirror selfie on Instagram, with the hashtag, "#GetTheSecurityNotTheStrap."

Tekashi didn't seem to appreciate that so much, and chose to go after Keef at a surprisingly basic angle for someone like Tekashi: their respective Billboard successes. 

Tekashi writes, "U released a mixtape last week how'd it do? I didn't see it on billboard...." Tekashi is referring here to Chief Keef's latest EP, Ottopsy, which did not end up charting on the Billboard 200 chart. 

This is a typical obsession of Tekashi's, as he'll take seemingly every opportunity to mention that he's "7 for 7" in terms of Billboard hits, which is true. Keef has been in the game for much a while longer than Tekashi has, so they're in very different stages of their careers. Still, until Tekashi breaks his hot streak, no one will be able to prove him wrong. 

At the very least, this latest Instagram troll doesn't compare to the highlight of Tekashi's Chicago trip, where he took Chief Keef's baby momma to the Gucci store to go shopping. Check out Tekashi's trolling efforts below.