Tekashi's DAY69 is upon us. Suffice it to say, some are finding it difficult to separate the artist from his work. His reputation has been put under fire by fan and hater alike, with plenty finding it difficult to forget his sordid legal past. Still, that hasn't stopped him from compiling some big name guest appearances for his debut, including Young Thug & Tory Lanez on fan favorite "Rondo." Doubtless, Tekashi's debut will be discussed for a while; does it mark the opening chapter of a promising and lucrative career, or is it simply a flash in the pan?

We've been witnessing our community debate, discuss, praise and ridicule the rapper with every Tekashi-centric articles. Not since the early days XXXTentacion has an artist drawn such fierce and passionate responses. It's not really a surprise, as the rapper himself seems to rival that intensity. Tekashi doesn't have a subtle bone in his body, whether he's screaming threats at gang-bangers, whipping his shirt off to play 1 on 1 with Tory Lanez, or partaking in airport brawls in the middle of broad daylight. The same unapologetic and brash personality has bled into his music, leading to an intense and divisive listening experience.

Therefore, in an effort to gauge how our community feels about Tekashi's latest project, we combed through some of the most memorable comments.